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Gainesville Hackerspace provides a physical space where hackers, engineers, scientists, artists, and other creative types can gather to share ideas, equipment, opinions, and even food. Members are likely to show up to work on personal projects, consult with other members, and learn new things. More than just a project work space, we aim to share all types of knowledge in a friendly and collaborative environment.

Our members have 24/7 access to both of our Physical Location in Gainesville, and access to community tools and equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers, mills, lathes, electronics workstations, and much, much more! We also open our doors to the public every Tuesday night at 7pm, so come out, see the space, and meet some of the awesome creators in the Gainesville community!

Gainesville Hackerspace![edit]

Regular Events[edit]

  • Every Tuesday night, we've got an open house at the 6th Street Shop. Doors open at 7:00, everyone is welcome!.
  • The first Tuesday of the month, we have a Board Meeting, during or adjacent to the open meeting. See our Organizing Documents for more information
  • The third Tuesday of the month, the open meeting is Demo Night, and we have a more organized set of presentations. Come out and give a presentation on an awesome project, or upcoming event!


Some interesting tools[edit]