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In all of our locations, you'll find a diverse set of small hand tools. Saws, wrenches drills, pliers, clamps, files, cutters, measurement tools... We're lousy with 'em.

The 6th_Street_Shop is oriented towards light electronics. We've got an Electronics parts cabinet, and many bins of components, from power supplies to PCBs, and computer chassis suitable for cannibalization.

The Shop is oriented towards heavier bulk machining. The raw materials sitting around there tend to be scrap metal and construction lumber.

Tool Location In Working Order? Ownership Who do I talk to?
Big Refrigerator 6th_Street_Shop Yes loan User:Ian_Taylor
Small air compressor 1 6th_Street_Shop Yes loan User:Allen_Rout
MendelMax 3d Printer 6th_Street_Shop No Hackerspace
Probotix Fireball CNC router 6th_Street_Shop No Loan
Tabletop Drill Press 1 6th_Street_Shop Yes Hackerspace
MIG Welder Shop Yes loan
Sherline CNC Mini-mill 6th_Street_Shop Yes loan
Makerbot Replicator 2 6th_Street_Shop Yes Hackerspace User:Choffman
Makerbot Replicator 2x 6th_Street_Shop Yes Hackerspace User:Choffman
Dremel with Drill Press 6th_Street_Shop Yes loan User:Ian_Taylor
Soldering and desoldering station 6th_Street_Shop Yes loan User:Christian_von_Kleist
TIG Welder Shop Yes loan User:Allen_Rout
Drill Press Shop Yes loan User:Allen_Rout
Air Compressor Shop Yes loan User:Allen_Rout
Knee Mill Shop Yes loan User:bb
Tabletop Metal Lathe Shop Yes loan User:bb
English Wheel Shop Yes Loan
Plasma Cutter Shop Yes Loan
Universal Laser VLS3.50 6th_Street_Shop Yes Loan User:Kaminmiller