3D Printer Workflow

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THIS IS NOT YET COMPLETE....but it is getting closer.

This is a Basic walk-thru on how to prep a file for use on the Double30 3D Printer. It assumes you can download a file, remember where you put it, and how to do basic things like "File-> Open" and how to browse to your SD card to save a file and remember the file name later.

1. STL 3D Model File

First you start with a STL file. Either a STL file you designed, a cleaned up 3D scan, or downloaded from a website like Thingiverse.

2. Open the File in Cura.

Run 'cura' from the command line of a shell; on our machine downtown, running it as the 'skillhouse' user. This is also a good time to rotate, scale and otherwise modify the 3D model before it prints.

3. Load the Cura Profile

Each file contains a different set of preconfigured settings. The profile names should be self explanatory, but more explanations can be found on the Cura Settings Explained page.

Open Profile https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/rZCaExmTxwYQR17cm4z10RDW4sPSOWDrOuUZVwYJw3__D8W7DMwPdJWxOO1dKE0IUYIAl0Q8D0A=w1884-h690

Profiles are kept in the /~/profiles folder, there is a shortcut on the left in the file browser.

4. Save GCode to SD card

As you make changes, the slicing percent bar will move across the top. Once it is finished, save the gcode file to the SD card. It is probably a good idea to make a folder on the SD card and then save the gcode in your folder.


5. Prep the 3D Printer.

  • clean printbed with razor-blade, then spray with hairspray and rub it around the plate with your fingers. Make sure it dries before starting print. Use a heat-gun to speed up drying.
  • Press the knob on the LCD controller to move from "Status" to the menu.
  • on the printers LCD, select "Position -> Home All".
  • on the printers LCD, select "Extruder -> Set temp" and turn the knob until it says 190C (or whatever temp you plan to print at)
  • on the printers LCD, select "Fan Speed -> Set to Full" Visually confirm the fan on the hotend is spinning.
  • on the printers LCD, move to the top of the menu and select "Back -> Back ->" then turn the knob to get back to "Status" to see the current temperature.

6. Insert SD card.

This will load the SD menu so you can select your file. If the menu did not auto-load, select SD, then "print file" and select the proper file.

7. Monitor the print job.

Make sure the fan on the hotend is going (no fan = printer jam), and the external fans blowing on the print bed are on. Do not leave the printer unattended. Especially watch the first couple layers. If they do not print properly, then neither will the rest of the print.

If anything goes wrong, hit the kill switch on the LCD, next to the menu-knob. (button is silver with red backing).