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The third Tuesday of each month is "Demo Night", wherein makers are encouraged to share something that they have built, worked on, or learned, by giving an approximately 10-minute demo at the Hackerspace.

Demos may cover any among a broad range of topics that are commonly associated with "maker culture".

I would like to attend a Demo Night. When and where do they occur?

Demo Night occurs on the third Tuesday of each month at the Gainesville Hackerspace's Downtown Space. On Demo Nights, the doors will open around 6:30 PM, and presentations will start around 7:00 PM.

I would like to present. What is the format for a demo?

A demo should be between 5 and 10 minutes, and will be conducted in front of an audience.

You are welcome and encouraged to bring "props" to your demo, including physical obects associated with your project, or a computer/gadget to aid in your presentation. (Note that a projector with a VGA connection is available for use on-premise.) You will be provided with a timer to help you to pace your presentation.

Demos may be concluded with an optional Question-and-Answer session which should last no longer than 5 minutes. Demos should not run longer than 15 minutes in total, so please plan (and pace yourself) accordingly.

What kind of demos are encouraged?

Anything that is "thematically appropriate" is welcome. As a rough guideline, the following types of demos are common:

  • Software (Open-Source contributions, a problem solved through programming, etc.)
  • Hardware (Arduino, desktop computers, etc.)
  • Mechanical (Automotive, electro-mechanical, etc.)
  • Carpentry (Furniture-making, general woodworking, etc.)
  • Arts/Crafts (Sewing, costume-making, etc.)
  • Topical Introductions (Introduction to JavaScript, introduction to welding, etc.)

It is perfectly acceptable to present projects that are works-in-progress, and to give talks along the lines of "what I am learning" versus "what I have learned". In fact, errors and lessons learned through them are frequently the most useful content for your audience.

Please include the Hackerspace in your ongoing learning process! Additionally, you are also encouraged to present the same project more than once, as your project develops and changes.

Who is allowed to present?

Anyone! We have presentations from non-members, visitors passing through town.. Anyone who's got something topical to talk about.

I want to present something, but I'm not sure what. Suggestions?

There is an ongoing request list for presentations. See the "Request a Demo" tab on the following spreadsheet:

Likewise, feel free to add to that list of requests. If you're interested in a topic, in all probability, other Hackerspace members will be interested in it as well.

I want to present. How do I sign up?

To sign up to present, you may either express your intention to do so on the mailing list, or append your name to the "Presentations" tab of following spreadsheet:

I'm unable to attend Demo Night, but would still like to see the demos. What are my options?

In the past, we recorded a handful of demos on an ad-hoc basis. Going forward into 2014 and beyond, we're going make a more systematic effort to film and edit demos, and will upload them to YouTube upon presenter approval.