Meeting 2017-12-05

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Hackerspace Board Meeting - Dec 5th, 2017[edit]

Called to Order at 6:09pm

Present: Daniel S., Eddie R., Chris H, Robert H.

Absent: Frank L.

Gainesville Mini Maker Faire on Feb 24th[edit]

  • Daniel to take charge of organizing the Gainesville Hackerspace group.

6th Street Move[edit]

  • Priorities:
    • Daniel to talk to Kyle
    • Discuss logistics of move, details about when rent would start, etc.
    • Coordinate Move
    • Clean space
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Damp Mop the space

Officially forming a New Space Committee[edit]

  • Charged with determining the logistics of the move
  • To be chaired by Daniel
  • Motion to form committee made by Chris, seconded by Eddie
  • Motion Passed
  • Who wants to be part of the committee?
    • Joe, Eddie, Daniel
  • Chris to send out email announcing new committee and looking for interested members.

Chris to be in charge of updating social media with new location[edit]

  • Website, facebook, meetup, events, google group, google maps, etc

Joe volunteers his trailers.[edit]

New committee will have a new new Slack Channel[edit]

Meeting Adjurned at 6:40.