Personalized Cutting Board Gifts

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The laser cutter is awesome for making personalized gifts. A simple gift is a personalized bamboo cutting board, engraved using the K40 Laser Cutter. By using a jig to ensure repeatable placement, and separating the toolpath for the Filagree from the Names, it makes it easy to make many gifts with only needing to update the name.

It utilizes a 9"x12" Bamboo Cutting Board, purchased as Walmart for $4.44 each.

Created by Christopher Hoffman in December 2018.

Cutting Board with Final Product

Premade Files - DXF and CamBam

[Download the pre-made CamBam File], which includes a sample Filagree and Name, as well as the settings. It uses the standard K40 Laser - Engrave styles.


Here are the steps to set up the Laser Cutter for engraving the Cutting Boards

Instructions Visual
  1. Purchase the Bamboo Cutting Boards
    • I found these 9"x11" Bamboo Cutting Boards at Walmart for $4.44 each.
    • Any wood type should work great, though you made need to adjust the laser power.
Bamboo Cutting Board.jpg
  1. Customize Name
    1. Load the [Cutting Board Gift] cambam file
    2. Select the Name, and edit it to whatever you would like.
    3. Convert the Text to a Polyline by selecting the text, and going to Edit->Convert->To Polyline. This will let the toolpath generator play well with the fonts.
Cutting Board Cambam.PNG
  1. Generate the Gcode
    1. Save the Gcode as two separate files by right clicking each file and select Produce Gcode. One for the Filagree, and one for the name
    2. Saving as two files allows you to only need to recreate the name gcode if you want to make multiple, and reuse the unchanged Filagree gcode
  1. Place the Cutting Board in the Laser Cutter
    1. Use the (-50,-25))mm Jig to align the cutting board. Make sure the edge of the cutting board is flush with the edge of the jig.
Cutting Board Placement.jpg
  1. Load the Filagree gcode into Linux CNC
    1. Use VNC Viewer to remote into the laser cutter, and load the Filagree gcode file you created.
Selecting Filagree.jpg
  1. Engrave Filagree
    1. Set the laser power to about File:Cutting Board Power.jpg 9 o'clock, which should be ~3.5mA on the gauge.
    2. Start the Gcode through LinuxCNC to start the engrave.
Cutting Board Filagree.jpg
  1. Engrave Name
    1. Load the Name gcode into LinuxCNC
    2. Without moving the cutting board or adjusting laser intensity, start the Gcode through LinuxCNC.
Cutting Board Name Engrave.jpg
  1. Finishing
    1. Use 220 git sandpaper to lightly sand away any smoke marks or other imperfections.
    2. Finish with food-appropriate oil/lacquer if desired.
Cutting Board Gift Final Project.jpg

Other Uses

This sample template can be used on more than just cutting boards! Try it with different materials, or different personalized gifts!