K40 Laser Cutter

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The K40 Laser cutter is an inexpensive 40-Watt CO2 laser engraver and cutter. Perfect for woods, plastics, leathers, and paper, this laser cutter is a workhorse.

Laser Specs[edit]

Connecting to Laser Cutter[edit]

Uploading gcode to the Laser Cutter[edit]

Preoperation steps[edit]

Postoperation steps[edit]

Standard Recipes[edit]

Style Library[edit]

CamBam has a concept of Style Libraries, a way to save standard recipes. The CamBam on the hackerspace machines have a 'K40 Laser Cutter' library which contains standard recipes. To use, click on the "Machine" or "Part", and under "Style Library" select the "K40 Laser Cutter".

Now, under a particular operation, select the right Style. Normally for engraving, I first have a *pocket* operation, followed by a *profile* operation to clean up the edges. Select the right style, and you'll be good to go!

K40 Style Library.png
K40 Style - Engrave.png